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Amplified phones have been on the market for years but aren’t widely known by the public.  We have always made it a point to offer our clients a wide selection of amplified phones from corded, cordless, big-buttoned and answering machine models to help those with hearing loss still continue to communicate over the phone.  When someone with hearing loss is engaged in a phone conversation they lose visual cues about the conversion like a face to face conversation would allow (such as lip reading and body language) but also they are now forced to listen with only one ear instead of two.  Hearing every word clearly can be a challenge.


Why Use An Amplified Phone?

An amplified phone is designed to improve sound quality over regular phones by boosting incoming sound up to 50 decibels (dB). It also includes various features such as adjustable tone control, which allows users to adjust high and low frequency sounds, and noise reduction technology that filters out background noise. This makes it easier for those who have trouble hearing conversations over the phone due to age-related hearing loss or other disabilities.

Features of an Amplified Phone

Amplified phones come with a variety of features that make them ideal for those with hearing impairments who want the convenience of talking on the phone without having to worry about straining their ears. The most common features include adjustable volume control, adjustable tone control, caller ID, speakerphone capability, and visual ring indicators that alert users when they are receiving incoming calls. These features allow users to customize their phones according to their needs and preferences.

Benefits of an Amplified Phone

The benefits of using an amplified phone are numerous. Not only does it improve sound quality for those with mild hearing impairments, but it also eliminates background noises that can make conversations difficult or even impossible. Additionally, many models now feature Bluetooth capability so you can easily connect your smartphone or other devices for hands-free calling. Finally, some models even offer voice-to-text capabilities so you can read what’s being said instead of having to strain your ears in order to hear it.


Amplified phones are perfect for anyone with some level of hearing loss.  They have advanced as technology has advanced and can include some great features and call quality improvements making talking on the phone a more pleasurable experience and removes the frustration of not hearing every word and always having to asking the other party to repeat themselves.

Amplification, Of Course

Depending on the hearing loss there are different models for specific decibel ranges of hearing loss.  Both the sound of the call is amplified but so is the ringer.

Hearing Aid Compatible

Some amplified phones are also hearing aid compatible and can allow the phone to connect to the hearing aid the call is actually transmitted through the hearing aid and not the phone.


Some amplified phones improve the call quality while amplifying the sound.  Amplifying a staticy or distorted call will only make things worse.

Big Buttons & Displays

Some models offer large displays and large buttons for dialling for easier use and reading for the elderly who have hearing and vision issues.

Battery Backup

Some amplified phone models offer battery back up in the event of a power outage the phone will continue to amplify sound properly.

Outgoing Speech Amplification

Most models will also amplify your outgoing speech.  Perfect if you have difficulty speaking or speak softly then your sound will be amplified to the person you are speaking to.



Corded phones can offer a few more advantages over a cordless amplified phone.  Because the whole phone doesn’t have to fit in the palm of your hand it can offer bigger buttons and a bigger screen that can offer brighter backlighting.  They can also offer built-in voicemail and more 1 touch preset memory buttons for regular numbers you call.  Depending on the model they are also hearing aid compatible and can transmit the call through your hearing aid so you don’t have to try and talk on the phone with a hearing aid in your hear and experience double the amplification.

They also usually have excellent speakerphone functions that will allow you to be mobile while talking on a corded phone.  The speakerphone is also amplified and if the phone offers amplified outgoing speech this feature is still typically enabled over a speakerphone. Some models also have voice assist which can read allowed caller identification information so you don’t need to run over to the phone to see who is calling before you decide it’s worth answering.



Cordless phones clearly offer the ability to be portable with you around the house so you can continue to work on household chores and tasks while on a call or to be in any room you wish to sit in while taking a call.  They also offer the ability to partner more than one phone, like standard cordless phones you can have one in every room and all with the amplification function.  A clear advantage over one fixed, corded phone in one room as all your phones can offer amplification.

Like corded phones, depending on the model, they can also offer built-in voicemail at the base unit, and hearing aid compatibility.  Where they will fall short is the backlighting, button size and the display size, which is going to be used more on a corded phone to see numbers stored in memory and caller id and more.

If you are interested in an amplified phone for yourself or for a family member or friend (they make a great gift!) we offer different corded and cordless amplified phones which you can buy online or through one of our locations in the Toronto area from Oakville to Pickering.